Writing a One Page Biz Plan and Prepping for 2019
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Are you an entrepreneur or wantrepreneur?
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Entrepreneurs welcome. Wewritebusinessplans.com.
T Harv Eker Tells Us When People Get Rich in Business...Are You Listening?
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Every time there is a change in technology, law, social interest, style, the market or the latest business buzzword– someone gets rich. This quote i...
Article Review: I Took 400 Meetings With Investors to Get My Startup Funded. Here's What I Learned.
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She had 400 meetings to raise capital for her business. We discuss this Entrepreneur article and the lessons you can learn from it. To get a business ...
Why You Should Write a One Page Plan in 2019
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Sorry for my crazy car mount but I made a commitment to do a video every day during the month of December. When I wrote and followed a one page busine...
How Selecting the Right Team Helps You Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business
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The #1 reason an investor capitalizes a company is its team. In this video, Cheree discusses the types of team members you need to be successful in bu...
Late for church but better late than never
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Dear Business Owner, What's Your Wealth Plan
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Many business owners don't really think about retirement. It's some far off place that we'll eventually get to. We're not very good at saving for reti...
No Matter What Attitude - The Business Edition
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Need a one page business plan? Contact us at wewritebusinessplans.com.
The 3 things you need to be successful in business
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Two Numbers You Should Know
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Here's a short business plan tip to help you grow.
What's More Important than a Marketing Plan?
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Yes, there's something more important than a marketing plan. It's a marketing activity checklist. What do I mean? Listen to the video to find out.
Business Plans for Assisted Living and Nursing Facilities
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I receive many phone calls from those wanting to open assisted living and nursing facilities. It's a very profitable business and much needed professi...
The one thing you need to be more successful- part 2
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