Donald Trump tweets NBC, ‘SNL’ should be tested by courts
by Fox News
4 hours ago ∗ Views: 15,247
President Donald Trump tweets NBC, 'SNL; should be tested by courts. This comes after the shows Christmas parody sketch, which depicts a world where ....
Fallen Beruit military families take case to SCOTUS
by Fox News
4 hours ago ∗ Views: 3,722
Former United States National Security Advisor General James Jones weighs in on the potential outcome of the Beruit families lawsuit against the Irani...
President Trump demands Congress to pass health care reform
by Fox News
5 hours ago ∗ Views: 10,518
Conservative Philadelphia radio host Rich Zeoli says Republicans and Democrats have to both be careful in what they promise when reforming government ...
Does Mick Mulvaney make a government shutdown more likely?
by Fox News
7 hours ago ∗ Views: 9,027
Democratic campaign consultant Doug Schoen and GOP Strategist David Avella weigh in on President Trump's chief of staff pick, Mick Mulveny.
Trump blasts shuttering Weekly Standard, rips editor William Kristol
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8 hours ago ∗ Views: 9,939
President Trump went on twitter to blast the Weekly Standard as 'pathetic and dishonest' after it announced that it will cease operations. He went on ...
Enquirer admits hush money
by Fox News
9 hours ago ∗ Views: 10,610
Plea spares company, implicates Trump.
Trump picks acting chief of staff
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9 hours ago ∗ Views: 7,185
Mulvaney tapped as media depict chaotic search.
Fox News studio tech writes novel
by Fox News
9 hours ago ∗ Views: 1,604
Dion Baia talks about his new book 'Blood in the Sheets.'
Mukasey: William Barr is a super pick for AG
by Fox News
9 hours ago ∗ Views: 5,078
Former U.S. Attorney General under President George W. Bush Michael Mukasey weighs in on Trump's appointment of William Barr to U.S. attorney general.
Flynn’s conviction will be overturned, congressman says
by Fox News
9 hours ago ∗ Views: 9,175
California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa gives insight into what questions he has for former FBI Director Jim Comey as he returns to Capitol Hill for q...
Nunes: Michael Flynn was out of money
by Fox News
9 hours ago ∗ Views: 15,633
California Republican Rep. Devin Nunes weighs in on Michael Flynn's upcoming sentencing and why he agreed to plead guilty.
Can Democrats and Republicans work together on health care?
by Fox News
9 hours ago ∗ Views: 5,494
Ohio Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan weighs in on Congress' ability to pass health care legislation.
Bill Gates on role US should play in global poverty fight
by Fox News
10 hours ago ∗ Views: 6,365
The Microsoft co-founder and co-chair of the Gates Foundation joins Chris Wallace on 'Fox News Sunday.'
Rudy Giuliani on Michael Cohen's prison term, Flynn memos
by Fox News
11 hours ago ∗ Views: 96,915
President Trump's former fixer Michael Cohen is sentenced to prison; reaction from President Trump's lead attorney Rudy Giuliani on 'Fox News Sunday.'
Is James Bond an alcoholic?
by Fox News
22 hours ago ∗ Views: 8,999
A new research study states that James Bond has a drinking problem. The study says that Bond engages in risky behavior surrounding his drinking.